Necklace Duo light purple acrylic & amethyst


Vintage Collection Duo design two short necklaces. Pale purple lustre acrylic, clear Indian glass, dark purple amethyst, glass cubes & extender. Length 42 cm inner  – 45 cm outer.


Vintage Collection Duo design two short necklaces. Primarily worn together but also singularly for versatile coordination. Inner necklace – large round very pale purple lustre acrylic with clear Indian glass, silver clasp and an extender. Length 42 – 48 cm (short) . Weight 53g (light). Outer necklace – dark purple amethyst, purple glass cubes & black seeds, silver clasp and extender. Length 45-51 cm (short to medium). Weight 37g (light) Total weight when worn together 90g (heavy).

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