Necklace duo dusty pink & cream acrylic/glass


Vintage Collection Duo design two necklaces worn together or singularly. Dusty pink acrylic and frosted glass. Length 42 cm inner 49 cm outer with extender.


Vintage Collection Duo design two short necklaces. Primarily worn together but also singularly for versatile coordination. Inner necklace – large round acrylic dusty pink with gold freeform pattern and frosted Indian glass, brass clasp and decorative fringe, short extender. Length 42 – 45 cm (short) . Weight 69g (medium). Outer necklace – large cream opaque acrylic with pale pattern, clear gold-dusted acrylic, brass clasp and decorative end, extender. Length 49-52 cm (short to medium). Weight 62g (medium) Total weight when worn together 131g (heavy).

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