Mad Women Jewellery Part 1

I am sure I wasn’t the only one who was hooked on the fashion of the women in Mad Men, the great TV series set in the 1960s Manhattan. Now you can watch all but the very last 6 episodes of the whole 7 series on Netflix in the UK.  The set and fashion were recreated by the art and costume departments of the production but it was so stylishly and cleverly constructed with meticulous attention to detail. Those years were the golden age of ‘costume jewellery’. Acrylic was the new material representing the modern woman, and lots of pearls – natural, cultured and imitation. Right below is one of Don and Betty’s nosey neighbours but she could go straight onto a 2017 London catwalk with her statement pearls.

Rachel, one of Don’s early mistresses, conservative but fiercely independent department store owner and heiress. With her perfectly coordinated suit or ensembles with crafty hairdo, she creates a timeless chic look. I just love the brown multi-strand necklace with the cup-sleeve dress on the far right.

Mona, Roger’s first wife, has a great style, too. Low and wide necklines are made to show off necklaces counterpointed by bold earrings.  These designs are valid sources of information as well as inspiration.  I particularly like the way the second one is worn turned or folded once in the centre.  Definitely I’ll adopt the idea.  Do have a look at our multi-strand necklaces by searching for ‘Troika’ and ‘Medea’ designs e.g. Triple-strand glass necklace.

Joan, the voluptuous super-secretary, is a fantastic character with an amazing body to match.  She wears this gold pencil pendant a lot with a different brooch and earrings. I love the way she matches up a brooch and places it on a different place on the neckline.  With her magnificent boobs, the length of the pedant has to be just right, hanging exactly from the highest point, and the pen also has to have enough weight so that it won’t bounce up and down when she does the Marilyn Monroe walk around the office.  Brava!  

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